Monteagle is the solo moniker of Justin Giles Wilcox - best know as chief songwriter in Nassau and now defunct Tennessee band Moonlight Bride. The later of which had some early looks, collapsing just on the brink of break out success. Paste Magazine calling Wilcox’s delivery in a “Best of What’s Next” feature “tremulous, bare-souled vocals, which are as haunted and alluring as the caves that riddle the rocky hills of the band’s hometown.”  Monteagle, named for a mountain inside those hills marks a re-birth for the now well seasoned indie rock vet. Expanding on the more ethereal, dreamy inclinations of past work into something closer to the history of those hills. 

Midnight Noon is the project’s first full length album and embodies a collection of songs written about growing up in rural Tennessee, moving to New York City and looking back at the once discarded landscape with a deeper understanding and appreciation of rural America's hidden beauty. The album envelops a slow focus, working in honest observations and simple truths. It's an origin story sonically toying with Americana and Folk and placing it in a more urban, textural context. 

The aim here was to get back to Justin’s roots, to take all of those past experiences and channel them into something both nostalgic and modern. On the album’s title track Wilcox croons “I still can’t erase anything I’ve seen”, and that line speaks to the truths he’s getting at here. We all work hard to grow past our particular upbringing, but sometimes it’s worth reflecting to get at who we truly are in the modern American landscape and to better understand our place in the world. 

The album was written recorded and produced by Justin Giles Wilcox and members of the Monteagle live band in a old church in upstate New York, mixed in Justin’s home studio in Brooklyn and mastered by Doug Van Sloun (Bright Eyes, Songs: Ohia, M. Ward) in Omaha Nebraska. Midnight Noon will see release on November 30th 2018 on Fire Talk Records. 

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